New Flyme OS 3.0

The ultimate aim of operations is to serve a purpose, and we aim to maximize the efficiency
and comfort of the process. So we optimize the Flyme OS 3.0 to make it fully intuitive.

Big screen, big fun

The brand new Smart Bar repositions buttons based on your taps to maximize convenience on a big screen.

The streamlined UI enables more operations on the current interface - less is more.

Flyme OS 3.0 is optimally designed to maximize screen space efficiency. And there's more - an optimized way of displaying content removes the hassle of too many taps.

A revolutionary visual experience

Flyme OS 3.0 innovatively infuses a tiled layout and brand new colors into a flat design. This is the most radical change in the history of MEIZU, as we believe visual sense shapes users' experience and even their understanding of products and brands. Flyme OS 3.0 revolutionizes the visual style with simple and natural transitions to enhance the overall visual experience - this is also where transitions count.


  • Launcher
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Camera

You can easily move icons and swiftly navigate to any interface based on icons that are arranged to expedite use. Additionally, a new way of unlocking the screen gets you started quickly.

The all-new Notes app offers the best memo pad of its kind, enabling you to insert text, images, lists, and voice records. Record whatever you see, feel and think, and work efficiently with Notes.

Slide a file icon on a folder to insert the file for effective file management. Short-cut icons are rearranged to increase tapping efficiency.

The fully optimized auto-algorithm and zero-delay shooting combine to take more photos in less time. A real-time filter, HDR, and exposure compensation enable you to keep creating!

Phone finder


The NFC chip lets you share files easily, buy bus tickets, and make payments on POS machines.
Without doubt, it will reshape your life!
*Only certain MX3 models support NFC.

*Features may vary with Flyme OS upgrades.